Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A new choral season begins with the SJASD Divisional Choirs!

Welcome to our new choristers and welcome back to our family of familiar faces! We wish everyone a wonderful experience at the choir camps being held over the next 2 weeks.

St. James-Assiniboia Divisional Choirs

 “The St. James Assiniboia-Divisional Concert Choir Inc. exists to assist the Divisional Choirs by raising funds used to help reduce performance and travelling costs. The choirs exist to provide musical enrichment to talented young singers in the division, choral entertainment to others and to perform and compete in competitions and festivals.”

Welcome to the St. James-Assiniboia Divisional Choirs 2016-2017 season!

Fundraising Information
All fundraising by the SJASD Divisional Choir Choristers throughout the year is optional. Junior and Senior Choristers have individual accounts with numerous opportunities to fundraise. Funds in these accounts can be accessed for travel or for camp the following September. Balances can be carried forward from year to year, or transferred to other chorister accounts if the chorister is no longer with the organization.

Please Note: There are no individual fundraising accounts for the Divisional Children’s Choir as travel is limited to the City of Winnipeg. All fundraising proceeds generated by Divisional Children’s Choir members go into the general funds.

There are three larger fundraiser events each year: The Candlelight Concert and the Divisional Choirs Cabaret. All events will include a Silent Auction and a 50/50 draw with the proceeds going directly into the general funds.

The Junior and Senior Choirs travel every year and use the general funds and individual fundraising accounts to offset trip expenses. The choir trips operate on a 3 year cycle that includes a small trip, a medium trip and a big trip. The JCC will take medium trips in 2017 & 2018 in order to avoid both choirs travelling on big trips in the same year. The big trip for the JCC to a Canadian destination will be in the spring of 2019. In the spring of 2017 the Senior Choir will take a medium trip to a Canadian/International destination, with a big trip planned for the spring of 2018.

Concert Information
There are three concerts per year; The Divisional Choirs Fall Concert on November 3, 2016, the Divisional Choirs Cabaret April 23, 2017 and the Divisional Choirs Spring Concert May 11, 2017.

At the Fall and Spring concerts, each choir takes a turn at hosting a reception. This entails providing dainties and refreshments to families immediately following the event. Divisional Choir Parents will assist the volunteers in the set up. Families are requested to donate one dozen dainties for the reception. Divisional Choir Directors will provide details to families several weeks in advance of each event.

At the Cabaret, all three Divisional Choirs provide dainties. A committee is established in advance to assist with the reception at intermission. There will also be a Silent Auction, a 50/50 draw and a silver collection at this event with the proceeds going to general accounts and local charities.

For more information, please contact Jackie Gagné @ 204-837-5886 ext. 2109.


Jackie Gagné
Coordinator of the Arts

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